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HEADLINES In This Edition Of Your Tulsa’s Star: CHAIN PULL: “Strike Three For Stevens Will Have Him Behind Prison Bars For The Rest Of His Life” - “Sometimes Going The Extra Mile Only Leads Back To The Start” - “Joshstin Bullock Fulfills Destiny By Robbery Of A Cell Phone” - “Broken Arrow Step-Dad Who Produced Kiddie Porn Starring Stepdaughter Handed 30-Year Prison Sentence” - NATIONAL HEADLINES: T-TOWN CRIME TABLET: “Defendant In Meth Trafficking And Weapon’s Case Says Illegal Items In Her Home Belonged To Boyfriend” - “Private Gun Sale Invites Rip-Off Man Jailed” - “Maynard Jailed For Stealing Identity To Perpetrate Food StampFraud” - “Charges And Bonds Reduced For East side Shooter” - “Defendant Acting As His Own Attorney Handed Two Life Sentences By Tulsa County Jury” - “West Tulsa Cold-Blooded Killer’s Case Stuck In Preliminary Hearing Mode Next Attempt Set For Mid January 2013” - EXTRAS - WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: “Barber’s
SWIK Case” - “Two Unrelated Felony Cases Have A Common Thread” - EXTRAS - “Roomies Faced Drug And Weapons Charges Witness A No Show At Preliminary Hearing For One And He Walks - The Other. . .” POLICE BLOTTER with EXTRAS.





Three Charged With First Tulsa Homicide Of 2013
Headline: Murder On St. Louis Avenue Opens Tulsa's 2013 Season ( Four Images). . Jamal Dante Long, (10/1/93), of 1337 E. 61st Street, Deonta Deangelo Dixon, (5/26/91), and Warren David Dixon, (4/24/83), both of 10892 E. 33rd Pl., are charged with the January 4th shooting death of 31-year-old Ronnie L. “Yellow” Stanley.
  Tulsa Police were summoned to the 1800 block of North St. Louis Avenue shortly after 4 p.m. and found the victim lying in a pool of blood in the street. The fatal wound was a bullet to the head. Stanley was pronounced dead shortly after being taken by EMSA to a local hospital.
  First to be arrested in the first Tulsa murder of 2013 was Jamal Long, just three hours after the shooting. He was found driving a stolen Toyota van that matched the description of a vehicle seen leaving the crime scene. Police caught up with him near an apartment complex at 31st and Mingo Road.
  The following day, Saturday, TPD officers took Deonta and David Dixon into custody. All three suspects are charged with first -degree murder.
  According to media reports, Long, in a police interview, said he just accompanied the Dixons to the crime scene, where they saw the victim and because of some kind of dispute they had with Stanley, they both opened fire on him.
  When officers searched the van Long was driving, they found a .380 caliber handgun. The suspect was also charged with possession of a firearm AFCF, false impersonation, joyriding, and failure to pay court costs on a 2011 felony firearm possession charge.
  Warren Dixon was also charged with possession of a stolen vehicle AFCF, possession of a firearm by a felon, improper left turn, and two traffic warrants. Deonta was additionally charged with possession of a firearm and joyriding.
  The victim had a long history with the criminal justice systems of Tulsa and Osage Counties, particularly crimes of drug and firearm possession, beginning in 1998. However, by July 25, 2009, his prison slate was clean.



                                             Chain Pull: Prisoners Who Have Been Sentenced To Prison And Are Awaiting Transport                                                                        


Headline: Strike Three For Stevens Will Have Him Behind Bars For The Rest Of His LIFE (One Image). . Oftentimes parents like the thought of having their single daughter and grandchildren living in close proximity. They are there, they feel, as a safety net for their child and her children, if they are needed.
  However, the close proximity to daughter Telisha Denise Peevy, (8/16/80), could and did - more often than not, bring with it the crazy baby’s daddy and the cyclone of drama that can whip up in a hurry between the two. Such is what parents Michael Dewayne and Redonna Kay Thomas discovered during the early morning of December 16th.
  However, prior to December 16th, Delmeko Lashon Stevens, (6/16/75), had been living next door with their daughter, his ex-wife. The two had become a married couple in February 2004, and his violent tendencies had surfaced as recently as a month earlier, when, on November 16th, he and Telisha had a big fight. He left the house located at 4519 E. Zion Street, through the front door he had kicked in to gain entry.
  Back on February 7, 2007, Peevy applied for and was granted a protective order to keep Stevens away from just herself. Two months later, Stevens was convicted in Tulsa District Court of 2nd-degree burglary and sentenced to seven years in DOC custody. That was “strike two.” He had also been convicted in 1999 for possession of a stolen vehicle and sentenced to a four-year prison term.
  Telisha told Tulsa Police detectives that she and Stevens had not lived together since the fight and she was moving on with her life. She had been granted a divorce from Stevens on September 17, 2009.
  Peevy said it was late during the night of December 15th, when she and a friend, Sidney Grant, of 537 E. King Street were inside the home chillin’, when she heard and recognized Delmeko’s loud muffler on his car nearing the residence.
   Telisha told Grant that her ex was outside and about then Stevens started banging on the broken door. Peevy had earlier pushed a couch up against the door as a reinforcement. It was hardly any problem for Stevens to push the couch out of the way and gain entry; and once inside, he took after Grant with a knife.
   Stevens chased Grant around the house until he managed to escape and run to the safety of 4529 E. Zion, where he was let inside by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.
  Stevens, after watching Grant duck inside his ex-in-laws’ house, went back inside of Peevy’s house, and according to court records, “struck Peevy with force and violence, and with the unlawful intent to do her corporal hurt and bodily injury.”
  Moments later, when he heard Peevy’s mom and dad approaching their daughter’s house, Delmeko  grabbed a pump shotgun and came to the door to meet them.
   Stevens looked at Michael Thomas, pumped the shotgun, aimed it at him and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire then, nor did it fire on a second attempt, giving Thomas enough time to grab the gun and attempt to wrestle it away from his 5‘-9“, 200 lb wannabe killer. As the two men scuffled for control of the weapon, they both fell from the porch to the ground.
   As the two combatants hit the ground, Grant, who had remained inside the Thomas house, came outside and watched as Stevens arose from the ground with the shotgun under his control. Stevens then pointed the weapon at Michael, Redonna, Peevy and Grant. But instead of attempting to shoot them, he told the parents, “Your daughters are dead!” He then took the shotgun and left in his vehicle.
  A warrant was issued for Steven’s arrest on January 26th by Judge Ludi-Leitch, but only detailing four of what would become eight felony charges the defendant had racked up the night of December 15th, and the morning after. His bond was set at $130,000. A bond of $10,000 each for three counts of AWDW and  $100,000 for domestic A&B.
   On March 19th, two counts of pointing a firearm AFCF (twice) was added to the case record as count #1; count #2 became pointing a firearm AFCF (twice); count #3 AWDW AFCF (twice), count #5 breaking and entering; count #6 assault with intent to kill Redonna; count #7 assault with intent to kill Michael; and count #8 possession of a firearm AFCF.
   Stevens was booked into Tulsa Jail on February 1, 2012, and on October 9th, in the courtroom of TDC Judge Caputo, a Tulsa County jury found Stevens, represented at the time by Bliss Lowe and Glen Dresbeck, guilty and assessed punishment, adding to their statement that they also considered his being a twice-convicted felon during deliberations.
  On November 26, 2012, Judge Caputo rendered a formal sentence for all charges as follows: Count #1 - 20 years in DOC custody, a $10,000 fine, court costs, and a $250 charge for a pre sentencing report the defendant asked for following the jury’s verdict; Count #2 - 25 years in DOC custody, and a $10,000 fine; Count #3 - 20 years in DOC custody; Count #5 one year in jail, a $500 fine and court costs; Count #6 -  Life, a $10,000 fine and costs; Count #7 - Life, a $10,000 fine and court costs; and Count #8 - 10 years in DOC custody and court costs. All sentences are to run consecutively.
  Judge Caputo reminded the 37-year-old defendant that Counts #6 and #7 are 85% sentences, meaning he must spend at the very least 64 years behind bars. The state in this case was represented by Ben Fu.
  Delmeko requested immediate chain pull.


Headline: Sometimes Going The Extra Mile Only Leads Back To The Start ( Two Images). . Ranisha R. Steele, (7/15/90) has accumulated an extensive criminal record going back to 2008 when she was charged with LMFR, and before the scope of her criminal activity expanded in May of 2010, when she was charged with possession of someone else’s credit card, unauthorized use of a credit card, two counts of KCSP, and false impersonation. She was also charged with LMFR and false impersonation in 2011.
  On June 28, 2010, Ranisha appeared before Tulsa District Court Judge Kellough, having entered a plea of guilty to those charges. The judge sentenced her to five, five-year prison terms to run concurrently, and fines of $600 and other court costs per charge. Judge Kellough then withheld a finding of guilt, but placed Steele under the supervision of DOC Probation and Parole.
  On April 13, 2011 Judge Kellough issued a bench warrant for Ranisha’s arrest with a bond of $7,500, on an application to accelerate her deferred sentences. Then, on July 13, 2011, Judge Moody issued a bench warrant for Steele’s arrest for failure to pay court costs. Judge Kellough issued another bench warrant for Ranisha’s arrest on December 9, 2011, with a bond amount of $10,000 on another application to accelerate.
  DOC issued a report dated February 17, 2012 on the status of Ranisha’s case(s), detailing numerous instances when Steele did not appear in court when required and noted that bench warrants were issued in December of 2011, and January of 2012, but the defendant had not been located.
  In April, 2012, Tulsa District Attorney Tim Harris submitted an application to accelerate the defendant’s judgment and sentence, because Ranisha had not complied with the rules of her probation. In this document the DA cited a LMFR charge that Ranisha had picked up on June 20, 2011, where she had been caught stealing goods in excess of $500 from a Wal-Mart. She was also charged on that date with falsely personate another to create liability by telling authorities that her name was Amreesh Jeffries in order to avoid being arrested on outstanding warrants.
  A report was prepared for Judge Kellough by Family and Children Services Jail Division Mental Health Program.
  The report touted several areas of treatment that the case manager felt would be helpful to affording Ranisha the opportunity to turn her life around. The report also noted that her mother would be strongly supportive in helping her daughter along the path of recovery and discovery of a better life for herself and her son.
  The report concludes with: If she will actively participate in her treatment it could have a significant impact on her mental health and overall level of functioning. This could prevent or decrease future involvement in the criminal justice system.
  On October 5, 2012, Ranisha was able to make bond ($10,000), and was released once again from Tulsa Jail. On October 24th, her case was called for an issue hearing on the state’s application to accelerate the five year concurrent sentences on each count. Ranisha, represented by Stephanie Singer, was credited for all time served and earned before being sentenced to DOC prison custody. Prosecuting the case was Amanda Self. Steele awaits chain pull.


                                                        Headline:Joshstin Bullock Fulfills Destiny By Robbery Of A Cell Phone (Four Images)


Headline: Broken Arrow Step-Dad Who Produced Kiddie Porn Starring Stepdaughter Handed 30-Year Prison Sentence (One Image). . Ronald Eugene Smith Jr., (5/27/68), the Broken Arrow step-dad profiled in an article entitled “Step-Dad Puts Wicked Plan Into Action To Sexually Assault Teen Daughter,” in the JUNE 2012 online edition, is set for chain pull. He was sentenced for child sexual abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and two counts of manufacturing child pornography.
  Smith has been incarcerated since the day of his arrest on October 24, 2011, two days after the crimes occurred.
  On the original arrest warrant Smith was charged with child sex abuse and contributing to the delinquency of his minor stepdaughter by plying her with alcohol. However, at his preliminary hearing, on December 21, 2012, before Judge Ludi-Leitch, the state, represented by Sue Nigh added the two additional charges of manufacturing child pornography.
  The defendant, who had pled not guilty to the original charges at his arraignment, was bound over to Judge Musseman in District Court for arraignment. At the District Court arraignment held April 4, 2012, Smith, represented by his third public defender, Tasha Steward, stood mute when asked how he pled. Judge Musseman entered a not guilty plea on his behalf and set a jury trial date for Smith for May 21st.
  On September 17, 2012, Smith was not present in the courtroom when the Jury Trial Issue (JTI) was passed to December 3rd.  However, by November 5th the Judge had gotten word that Smith intended to waive his right to trial and plead guilty to all four charges. The judge set November 16th as the day he would hear his plea and formally sentence him.
  On that date, Judge Musseman accepted Smith’s plea and sentenced him to 35 years in DOC custody with the first 30 years to be served behind bars. The three additional charges netted him 25 years, but those are to run concurrently with the 30 years. Smith was credited for time served and fined $2100, and  additional court and special court costs. The judge reminded Smith that he must serve 85% of his prison sentence behind bars.



  A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania woman had the worst ending to a Christmas Day imaginable when she was hijacked along with her vehicle by three city teenagers at 11:40 p.m. The three teens, Kevin Jones, 17, Kewon Matthews, 17, and Brehon Rawlings, 19, allegedly forced their way into the woman’s vehicle and then drove around town while taking turns raping and beating her, reported the news website Philly.com.
  Jones and Matthews apparently let their involvement in the rape be known to a friend whom they visited after the attack and were overheard by the friend’s mother. She called authorities. When Philadelphia Police Officers came to the home, they discovered items the teens had stolen from the victim. Once the two were under arrest, they gave the investigators the name of Rawlings. He was found in his home hiding in a bathtub.
  All three are charged as adults for rape, robbery and related offenses and each one is being held on $500,000 bond.
   According to Philly.com, the 22-year-old victim was in her Jeep Cherokee waiting for her boyfriend to come out of a bar, when the three men approached - one of them brandishing a handgun.
  They put her in the back seat and began driving around the city. Philly.com cites court records that stated that while they forced the woman to do sex acts, she repeatedly vomited on them. The teens hit the victim and then stole her Coach purse, wallet, cell phone, camera, ruby ring, diamond necklace, bracelet, car stereo, and the Jeep’s registration papers.
  The suspects also learned from items in her wallet that the victim had a two-year-old daughter and they threatened to harm her if the victim told. When they were finished, they told the woman she could find her keys beneath her vehicle, before they ran off.
  The victim, along with her boyfriend reported the crime to police at 5:30 a.m.



                                               Recent Felony Crimes Occurring In The City Of Tulsa



Headline: Defendant In Meth Trafficking And Weapon's Case Says Illegal Items In Her Home Belonged To Boyfriend (One Image). . Brittany Lea Gilliam, (3/22/86), had a boyfriend. His name is Brandon Gerald Thomas, (11/26/79). Brandon’s activities had been brought to the attention of Tulsa Police, who, after watching his comings and goings at 1607 E. 66th Street thought it time to take a closer look.
  Officers of a special detectives squad, with a search warrant in hand, went to the address at 7:55 a.m. February 23, 2012, to check Thomas out - to check as to whether their information was correct, that Thomas was a meth trafficker.
  Upon arrival at the abovementioned location, the detectives came upon Brittany as she was leaving the apartment and entering a vehicle. The investigators detained her while they went to serve the search warrant on their target, Brandon Thomas. He wasn’t there, but Brittany assured them that Thomas and his daughter lived there.
  Inside the apartment the detectives found numerous clues that Thomas maintained some type of presence, as they found casino cards with his name affixed to them. They found men’s clothing and shoes. They even found an old police report where Thomas had given his address as the place where they were now standing.
  Most importantly, however, the investigators discovered 113.8 grams of methamphetamine, a .40 caliber handgun, several .40 caliber rounds, digital scales and empty baggies.
  The detectives didn’t have their target, but they did have his girlfriend and as it turned out, her name is the only name on the lease. Gilliam, of Joplin, Missouri, and an employee of Tract Radiology of Tulsa, was arrested and taken to Tulsa Jail. Her bond was set at $25,000 for meth trafficking, and $10,000 each for having the pistol in commission of a felony and not having a CD tax stamp.
  Brittany, on March 7th was able to make bond and for a brief time was represented by Mark Collier. However, Charles Fox became her attorney in late May.
  A warrant was issued for Brandon’s arrest by Judge Ludi-Leitch on June 8th for the same charges as his codefendant and the same bond amounts. In the meantime, Gilliam was on her own. On July 23rd, following her preliminary hearing, the defendant was bound over on all counts to District Court and the courtroom of TDC Judge Caputo.
  Her attorney made a motion to quash the charges, saying that there was no evidence that his client was participating in the illegal acts, nor was there evidence showing she had knowledge or possession of the meth. Then, in a motion to suppress, Fox stated that the investigators unlawfully obtained evidence, and the search warrant was not for Gilliam, but was for Brandon Thomas. .
   The District Attorney’s Office answered Fox’s motions by issuing a “statement of facts,” they felt were pertinent to Gilliam’s position, saying, “. . . Officers searched the house and located items of contraband within the residence. Approximately 113.8 grams of methamphetamine were discovered in the refrigerator of the house. Officers found a .40 caliber pistol located in the nightstand within the master bedroom. In the master bedroom they found a safe, and inside of it officer located an empty gun magazine, digital scales and a black zipper bag containing smaller scales. . . Baggies were discovered in a cabinet above the refrigerator. Residency papers with the name Brittany Gilliam were . . .”
  Brandon Thomas was brought in by Tulsa County Sheriff deputies and booked into Tulsa Jail at 11:11 a.m. on December 13th. He gave as his address 2408 S. 137th East Avenue, and by 6:30 p.m. he was back on the street.
  Brittany is expected back in Judge Caputo’s courtroom on January 31, 2013.

Headlines: Two Content Boxes - Private Gun Sale Invites Rip-Off man Jailed (One Image) And: Maynard Jailed For Stealing Identity To Perpetrate Food Stamp Fraud



Headline: One of Two Content Boxes - Charges And Bonds Reduced For Eastside Shooter (One Image)


Headline: Defendant Acting As His own Attorney Handed Two Life Sentences By Tulsa County Jury (One Image). . Silas Wilson Jr., (1/23/52), was arrested May 2, 2012 by Tulsa Police Officer K. Reid at his residence located at 10611 E. 34th Street. He was arrested, charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and booked into Tulsa Jail the same afternoon.
  Two girls, ages eight and nine who were in his care, had accused Wilson of touching their private areas under their clothes, and the eight year old reported that he had “touched her private with his private.” The girl told authorities that Silas had told the girl not to tell her mother.
  The nine year old, also stated in court records that the defendant had engaged in anal sex with her.
  When the officer asked his collar what was up with all of this, Wilson said the girls had spent the night with him on numerous occasions, but denied raping them.
  For court purposes, the District Attorney’s Office listed the date of occurrence on these crimes as October 1, 2011.
  Nine days following his arrest, Wilson was arraigned before Judge Hiddle and declared that he was not guilty of the charges. By the time of his preliminary hearing on July 11, 2012, Silas had decided to become his own attorney. He appeared pro se before Judge Ludi-Lietch, to defend himself against the prosecutorial skills of Tulsa County’s assistant DA corps. His objections were overruled and he was bound over to Tulsa District Court with Judge Musseman presiding.
  On July 30th, Wilson’s case came before Judge Musseman. Still, Wilson appeared in court pro se, but with backup counsel Shena Burgess at his defense table. The defendant filed several motions, including a motion to quash his warrant-less arrest. His motions were denied. He did, however, enter a plea of not guilty and requested that his case be heard by a jury. It should be noted that throughout the various hearings on his case, as it moved closer to trial, the court warned Wilson of the perils of self-representation on such a serious matter.   
  Wilson continued on down the path of self-defense, using whatever means he could to get himself out of jeopardy, including motions for dismissal based on the “court’s lack of jurisdiction, and his “suffering extreme deprivation of rights on a constitutional scale” by the state. The motions were denied.
  On November 27, 2012, the case of Silas Wilson Jr. commenced in Tulsa District Court, and on November 30th the jury returned from their deliberations with a guilty verdict. The panel recommended that the defendant serve two life terms in DOC custody. Judge Musseman then set January 7, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. as the date and time for formal sentencing. Representing the state in this case was Sue Nigh.  


Headline: West Tulsa Cold-Blooded Killer's Case Stuck In Preliminary Hearing Mode Next Attempt Set For Mid January (Three Images). . Back on September 4th media outlets alerted listeners and viewers about a shooting that had occurred at the Parkview Terrace Apartments, 1565 West 59th at about 6:53 p.m. A man had been shot in the heart and was pronounced dead by EMSA personnel 14 minutes later. The shooting victim, Emil Lloyd Barron, 32, had become the city’s 32nd homicide of 2012. The shooter fled the crime scene.
  His death was another example of how some people who have weapons find the least amount of provocation as a reason to shoot someone. In Barron’s case, his mistake was to accompany his girlfriend, Korrie McKinney to apartment 1565 in order for her to collect a $15 debt owed her by a man she only knew as “Ryder.” She said she loaned the money prior to Labor Day.
   McKinney told Tulsa Police homicide investigators that when she approached the suspect while he was standing in front of the abovementioned apartment to ask for her money, he became confrontational and intentionally bumped into her.
  She described the shooter as a dark skinned Black male 6-foot to 6-1 and weighing 200 to 220 pounds. She said on that day his hair’s corn rows were coming undone and in the middle “it was all messed up,” but prior to then she had only seen him wearing a cap or a do-rag. McKinney said at one time during the six months she had known Ryder, he had showed her a homemade tattoo of a girl’s name that began with an S. She said it was really hard to read - kind of like a sailor, but above it was a larger tattoo of a female.
  McKinney said when she approached Ryder who was being rude towards her, he began bumping chests with her as if he was trying to start an altercation, while Barron stood behind her. She said there was a lone Black male standing in the vicinity watching the encounter and another male with two small children - a boy and girl under the age of four, who were passing by at that time.
  Suddenly, the man later identified as Dwaine Edward Ryder (2/16/83) took a .380 semiautomatic handgun from his pocket, aimed it over McKinney’s shoulder and pulled the trigger, striking Barron with one fatal shot. Barron collapsed in a grassy area and Ryder fled on foot.
   Ryder, wanted for 1st-degree murder and possession of a firearm AFCF, was arrested on a warrant issued the day after the shooting and booked into Tulsa Jail on September 11th.
   The defendant, whose preliminary hearing has been set for January 14, 2013, was convicted of robbery by force or fear and possession of a controlled drug in May of 2002 and sentenced to seven years in DOC custody. He was also convicted in June of 2006 to eight years in DOC custody for possession of a firearm AFCF and assault with the intent to commit a felony. That sentence ran until June 16, 2010.




Headline: Two Unrelated Felony Cases Have A Common Thread (Three Images). . With his codefendant, Brittany Slade tucked safely away in DOC custody for the next 20 years following a guilty plea to robbery with a firearm, Kenneth “Bad Ass” Demarco Ferguson’s role will soon be adjudicated.
  Out of custody on a $50,000 bond provided by bondsmen Chauncey Summers and Curtis Pletcher, Ferguson, (8/28/92), represented by Darrell Bolton, waived his right to a jury trial before Tulsa District Court Judge Caputo on August 10th. The action occurred just three days before a jury trial was set to take place.
  Then, on October 1st, a day a disposition hearing was to take place in court, Ferguson did not show. Four days later, Judge Caputo ordered the bond forfeited and issued a bench warrant with $0 bond for Ferguson’s arrest.
  Kenneth Demarco Ferguson’s armed robbery case and the first-degree arson case of Dareone Allen Dwayne Ferguson, (3/7/93), are not related, but they both share some interesting points, including the same arresting lawman. Dareone, accused of setting his own apartment ablaze at 2127 E. 51st Place #C, was arrested October 24th, by Tulsa Fire Assistant Fire Marshall D. Beeler. Dareone, who waived a preliminary hearing on December 6th, is scheduled to appear before Judge Musseman on January 2, 2013, for District Court arraignment.
  An arson investigator arresting an arsonist is not at all uncommon, but Beeler, on December 28th, also brought the elusive Kenneth Ferguson in and booked him into Tulsa Jail. “Bad Ass” is expected to appear before Judge Caputo on January 3, 2013.
   What brought Fire Marshall Beeler into Kenneth’s life was an apartment fire that occurred at 6800 S. Lewis Avenue, the Pomeroy Park Apartments. Fire officials said the blaze caused damage to one unit and smoke and water damage to at least three others.
  A two-year-old child and two adults were rescued from the burning apartment, but all were said to have come through the flames unscathed.
  Investigators believe gasoline may have been used as the propellant to start the fire.
  Kenneth, as it turned out, was not a suspect in the arson, but investigators deemed him to be a “person of interest,” and with that designation came a search for  his whereabouts. Beeler, in looking for a material witness in the Pomeroy Park fire, coincidentally netted a wanted criminal and saved bounty hunters valuable time.
  Anyone with information that can help solve this crime and get an arsonist (attempted murderer) off the street, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 596-COPS.

Headline: Drugs Are Bad, Yeah - The Physical Changes Of Three Female Drug Users (Six Images) And Peeping Tom (one Image)


Headline: Roomies Faced Drug And Weapons Charges Witness A No Show At Preliminary Hearing For One And He Walks Other Pleads Guilty At Preliminary Hearing (Two Images). .  Aubrey Jordan Carwille, (8//21/90), had a court case with three serious charges levied against him dismissed in Tulsa District Court on December 20th. He had been charged with unlawful possession of cocaine base with the intent to distribute, back on August 1, 2012, possession of two firearms, a Glock and a Cobray pistol(s), in commission of those felonies, and possession of drug paraphernalia (scales).
  Carwille was arrested on a warrant issued by Judge Youll on September 24th and booked into Tulsa Jail October 1st.
  Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies had his residence, located at 1135 N. Boston Place under surveillance for some time and on August 1st went to serve a search warrant to Carwille, having noted that a Chevrolet Monte Carlo registered to him was in the driveway as their team approached at 7:35 a.m.
  As the  officers approached, they discovered Isaiah Delmon Anderson, (9/11/89), sitting on the porch. Anderson told the officers that he lived at that address, but failed to produce a door key. He was taken into custody and held while the team went on to attack the front door with a battering ram.
  Once the door was breached the deputies came into a room filled with the pungent aroma of marijuana smoke. There was no one to be found inside, only the Glock pistol, $100, and 14 individual tan (base) rocks were in plain view. The team gathered those items as evidence and additionally, they found the .9 mm Corbray in a dresser drawer, residency papers listing Carwille, $219 in paper money in a Culligan-style water jug, and a box of .40 caliber ammunition, also found in a dresser drawer.
  When the deputies questioned Anderson, they learned that Carwille had left for work at the Transportation Department of OSU Medical Center, an hour earlier. Also, mail addressed to Anderson was found next to the 14 rocks of coke base.
  On November 8th, Judge Youll opened Carwille’s preliminary hearing and the state immediately asked for a continuance, as their star witness was not in court. Carwille, represented by Jill Webb, might have missed the state entering that motion, as he was late for court. Webb objected, but the case was continued until December 20th. Still, the case against her client had to be dismissed when the key prosecution witness did not appear in court - again.
  Carwille, who had been free on bond, left the courtroom a free man.
  Anderson, on the other hand, is a different story. He was arrested on August 1st and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug (coke base & marijuana) with the intent to distribute and possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.
  Also, Anderson, represented by Larry Edwards, had given up his right to a preliminary hearing before Judge Ludi-Leitch on October 30th.
  He came into Tulsa District Court Judge Kellough’s courtroom on December 3rd, having previously given up his right to a jury trial. On this date, the defendant, who was not in custody, waived his right to a non jury trial and entered a plea of guilty, which the court promptly accepted. He is now scheduled to return to court and be formally sentenced pending a pre sentencing investigation (PSI), on January 28, 2013.



                                          The Police Blotter: Mugshots and Other Information On Persons Arrested Daily In Tulsa County                  



                                                           Abbreviations For Certain Crimes Appearing On Police Blotter And Crime Vignettes